Who We Are

Korea Portraits-6Juliana Sukut – Reporter

Juliana Sukut is a senior studying journalism, Spanish and Latin American Studies. Juliana is originally from Livingston, Montana, but has lived in Missoula for the past five years. As a writer, Juliana hopes to become an international reporter based in Latin America. Juliana hopes to learn the ropes of international reporting with this trip to South Korea and learn invaluable skills in a foreign country.


Korea Portraits-3

Matt Neuman – Reporter

Matt is a reporter and a junior at the School of Journalism. Originally from New York, Matt moved to Missoula eight years ago. He is excited to experience real international freelance reporting and all the struggles that come with it.




mel-headshot-e1524371008327Melissa Loveridge – Reporter

Melissa is a reporter and a junior in the School of Journalism. She grew up in a small mining town in Eastern Montana. She’s never left the United States and is extremely excited to go abroad for the first time to report on the local music scene in Seoul.



Korea Portraits-8April Hummel – Reporter

A junior in the School of Journalism, April is a writer from Great Falls, Montana. In Korea, she hopes to gain a love and appreciation for a new culture while advancing her writing. She is excited to face the challenges that come with reporting in a foreign country.



SamSamantha Weber – Reporter

Sam is a writer and first-year graduate student in the Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism program. The Pennsylvania native moved to Montana three years ago to take a job at a small newspaper and temporarily sate her desire to experience unfamiliar places.  South Korea is the next destination on Sam’s growing list of international adventures and the first of what she hopes will be many foreign reporting trips.



Korea Portraits-11Winter Ramos – Photojournalist

Winter lives in Missoula but hails from the Kingdom of North Idaho. He has traveled to nearly 40 countries as an enthusiastic adventurist. He is currently a student in the School of Journalism and chose Montana to live in out of the 50 states he has been too.



Korea Portraits-5

Skylar Rispens – Photojournalist

Skylar is a rising senior at the University of Montana studying journalism and is pursuing a minor in communication studies. As a journalism major she is focusing on photography and reporting. She is passionate about telling people’s stories and building relationships with those she meets. Despite never doing journalism in a foreign country, she is excited to embrace the challenges that come with international reporting and getting to know her teammates better.

Korea Portraits-10Halisia Hubbard – Graphic designer

Halisia Hubbard was raised on an utopian experimental compound in Bigfork, Montana. A fine arts and journalism double major, she is figuring out how to combine the two mediums to tell stories in a creative, exciting way. She has never been to East Asia and is looking forward to experiencing and being challenged by a culture that developed so differently from her own.


Korea Portraits-7Wenjie Chen – Videographer

Wenjie started her journalism career as a television reporter in China covering breaking news. She is a environmental journalist who focus on recycling issues now. She is conversational in Korean and want to use her language advantage to cover stories about how people live in low-income areas recycle differently from people who live in high-income areas.


Korea Portraits-2Mikensi Romersa – Multimedia Journalist

Mikensi is a visual journalist and first year graduate student at UM. When she doesn’t have a camera in hand she is either chasing Phish, mastering the art of lucid dreaming, or at the river with her better canine half, Baloo. Mikensi is excited to explore a new culture and learn more about reporting internationally while eating lots and lots of kimchi.


emily-headshot-e1524372116904Emily Martinek –    Multimedia Journalist

Emily is originally from south Denver, Colorado and is a senior in the journalism program. She is passionate about photography and documentary film making. She is excited to navigate reporting in a foreign country and create content that is interesting, powerful and informative. She wants to travel the world and believes this trip could begin a career of diverse storytelling.


Ian Baldessari – Photojournalist

Ian is a photographer from Sisters, Oregon. He graduated from the University of Montana in 2018 with a degree in Journalism.



Korea Portraits-4Eli Imadali – Multimedia Journalist

Eli is a rising senior studying photojournalism and resource conservation. He’s interested in photographing humanitarian and environmental stories around the world, and the relationship between the two. Eli is excited for the challenge to tell powerful stories in a new and unfamiliar country that will be published on a wide-reaching platform.


Jiakai Lou – Multimedia Journalist Image-1

Jiakai is a rising sophomore studying journalism and media art. J.K. is originally from South Yangtze River region of China and has now fallen in love with Montana. He climbs mountains, recently summiting Mt. Yanapaccha in Peru. J.K. is passionate about  the outdoors and always shares his moments via picturesque shots and footage. He is incredibly excited for the upcoming adventure to South Korea with his American journalism peers.

Korea Portraits-1LJ Dawson – Web and Social Media Manager

LJ grew up in the Colorado Rockies around a pack of border collies.She will graduate next spring with a degree in Journalism to pursue international investigative journalism. When not buried in interviewing, writing, or chasing stories, LJ can be found reading, trail running with her two dogs, and getting lost in the wilds of Montana. She will be managing social media and the website for this project.



Joe Eaton – Assistant Professor

Joe is an assistant professor at the University of  Montana School of Journalism.  His writing has appeared in The Washington Post and Pacific Standard, as well as the websites of National Geographic, Wired, CityLab and The Atlantic. He has worked with NBC Nightly News and the Today Show to repackage his reporting for television. Previously, he was an investigative reporter at the Center for Public Integrity in Washington, D.C., and a staff writer at Washington City Paper and The Roanoke Times.  He lived in Busan, South Korea from 1995 to 2000.


Linda Poon – CityLab Assistant Editor

Linda is an assistant editor at CityLab covering science and urban technology, including smart cities and climate change. She previously covered global health and development for NPR’s Goats and Soda blog.