Exploring the Streets of Hongdae

Photo by Eli Imadali

This morning started with the persistent sound of pattering rain. It was another wet day in Seoul. And waking up sticky with sweat, induced by the relentless humidity of spring in Eastern Asia, was not pleasant.

But I was excited to spend the day exploring the city and getting a feel for what will be my workplace for the next couple weeks.

I met up with some fellow students, and after eating a delicious meal — kimchi gimbap, mandu, kimchi jjigae and hot-pot bibimbap — we set off to explore Hongdae, the area surrounding Hongik University.

While strolling the streets of Hongdae, lined with artistic storefronts and neon signs with poorly translated English phrases on them, we discussed sources and stories. We saw some odd stuff in Hongdae. We walked past one man who was strutting down the street dressed as Goku from Dragon Ball Z, filming himself dance with a selfie stick.

Photo by Mikensi Romersa

But after exploring, we headed back to the hostel, did a bit more research and, of course, sent more emails. The day got me quite excited to begin reporting. As much as I love exploring new places and meeting new people, I love telling stories in new places about new people even more.