From Montana to Soju: Missoula and Busan

I’m flying from Missoula to Seoul today; then by train to Busan.  A fresh country awaits, but 12 hours in an airplane gives me ample time to ponder the next couple of weeks in Korea.

Yesterday, I climbed in the vast spaces of the Bitterroot Mountains, ate pizza at The Bridge for lunch, munched burgers at the Old Post and drank bourbon at Al’s and Vic’s with friends.

Tomorrow night, I will be in a city of millions, listening to a language I don’t know, sipping soju and eating slippery, savory, fresh sea eel. I will be wandering the streets seeing things I have never seen before.

On the airplane TV comic book superheroes sedate me with mind-numbing action. I’m watching the scene from Black Panther were they take a trip to the enchanting, seaside, Korean city, Busan. Have you seen the scene? I will be there in just a few hours!

The stewardesses serve miso soup with shrimp, and I enter an immortal state of delight. I’m happy and appreciative that I am not flying a U.S. airline. The food is good, and the service is great.  I get bibimbap for dinner on my flight.

I will miss Al’s and Vic’s of course, but I’m ready for Korea and the milky homebrew mageolli.  And to get off this flight!  My patience running out. I’ve been on it for almost 11 hours!