A collaboration between UM Journalism abroad and CityLab

By Joe Eaton, Assistant Professor

At the University of Montana School of Journalism, our mantra is “learn by doing.” Each summer, our professors take a group of students abroad. But this is no simple study abroad trip. Instead, we travel to a foreign country to do what we always do—create excellent journalism.

When J-School Dean Larry Abramson asked me to lead a trip to South Korea, where I lived for five years after graduating from the University of Michigan in 1994, I started looking for partners. I called my friend David Dudley, executive editor of CityLab, an urban-focused news site owned by Atlantic Media. Together we created a unique partnership between a journalism school and a professional media outlet based in Washington, D.C.

Beginning May 17, our team of writers, photographers and videographers will travel to Seoul for a little more than two weeks to report multimedia stories that will run on CityLab over the next several months. Since fall semester, our team has been reporting, finding sources, studying Korean, developing our itinerary and pitching stories. With weeks left before our flights, we are sprinting to finish our preparation. I’m excited to begin.

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